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North Cyprus is a perfect place for holiday

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North Cyprus it is not only the best place for enjoyable rest and holiday, but it is also the best place for you to explore!

Cyprus is located in south-eastern Mediterranean Sea, 70 km from the coast of Turkey, 95 km from the coast of Syria and 380 km from the coast of Egypt. Cyprus it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus has more than 300 sunshine days in year, the Turkish Cypriot has never-ending hospitality for everyone who visit them, excellent traditional Cyprus cuisine and the most favourable climate for one’s health.

North Cyprus is beautiful in all seasons. From the ancient civilization Cyprus was as a bridge between East and West. The first people started to live in Cyprus more than 2000 years ago, and everywhere in Cyprus, you can see the traces of history of different civilisation and cultures. North Cyprus has a big number of monuments of ancient architecture. Cyprus is part of our big planet which really can be named as a Paradise . Cyprus is full of the ruins of ancient castles and fortresses, monasteries and the remains of the old cities and churches, and always will leave an unforgettable impression in the memory of everyone who even once visited this beautiful island.

North Cyprus has an atmosphere of a safe holiday where more time is created for the real relaxation from the busy life. Any tourist can get rid of stress and relax in an atmosphere of security, as crime in North Cyprus is so low, that may be called as nonexistent.

8 reasons why you need to visit North Cyprus

1. 55% of the best sandy beaches located in the northern part of the Cyprus Island. The political situation of the island helped, North Cyprus still be preserved and has wild natural landscapes with beautiful beaches. The best beach of Cyprus is located in the Karpaz natural park area. North Cyprus beaches are so clean and beautiful, that even large green turtles (Carreta turtle) have chosen those places for laying down their eggs.

2. All the beaches in North Cyprus, whether it is near the hotels, or private beaches or the wild beaches, will always have a peaceful place for you to relax even in high summer season.

3. The climate of the Cyprus island with always the same level of humidity, are very favourable to the people who are suffering from illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis and etc.

4. Kyrenia Mountains always protect the Mediterranean Sea Coast of the Girne region of North Cyprus from the cold winds and because of this the temperature here is higher than in the southern part of the island by 2-3 degrees according to the Celsius scale.

5. Summer in Cyprus lasts from March to November. It has 330 sunny days in a year and the sea temperature does not drop below 17 degrees Celsius even in winter time.

6. 80% of historical attractions are located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Among them are 2 well-preserved ancient towns such as Salamis Ruins and Soli Ruins. Moreover, there are three ancient castles which are located in the mountains: Kantara Castle, Bufavento Castle and Castle of St. Hilarion. North Cyprus is full of monasteries and churches and the most famous are the Monastery of Apostles Andreas, Bellapais Monastery and Monastery of St. Barnabas.

7. The eco-tourism in North Cyprus is constantly developing and maintaining , especially in the Bafra region. There are two eco-villages, which offer the tourists accommodation in a traditional Cypriot village. Here, tourists can live and learn the life of local people - Turkish Cypriots. All village guests can take a part in the everyday routine life and try to prepare the traditional Cyprus food, take part in the manufacture of olive oil, make the cheese according to the old traditions and bake the bread in old traditional Cyprus oven. At the same time those villages are the perfect place for the lovers of flora and fauna, as this area is famous for its rare flowers, particularly wild orchids, wild donkeys, many different kind of birds and more and more places to discovery for everyone…

8. The deeps of the Mediterranean sea is pleased to open their secrets for discovering by the lovers of scuba diving and treasure hunters. In 1965, near the town of Kyrenia, was found the old sunken ship (ship's age more than 2300 years), which was later raised from the sea and now it is kept in the museum of shipwrecks in the Kyrenia Castle. The seekers of treasures and adventures will always wait many surprises under the crystal clean Mediterranean sea-water. The professional diving clubs of North Cyprus are always find to offer their services to everyone.

And how many unknown and undiscovered places are still hiding in the North Part of Cyprus. You have a great opportunity to be the first and find it by yourself!

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