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Unique Cyprus Travel

We are a constantly growing company. We are offering a full range of services for each tourist on the very highest standard.

Our main goal is to create the best standards of service quality and reliability for each customer according to the growth of customerís needs and wants. Each customer for us is unique and we are ready to provide an individual approach to everyone. Every entire customerís request will always have a quick and professional reply.

The professional staff of our company provides the highest level of travel services by using the new technologies. All employees of our company are highly skilled and can speak fluently in Russian, English and Turkish languages. However, all staff is always improving their professional knowledge skills for the continuous growth of the company.

Our specialization is in services for groups and individual travelers coming to and from North Cyprus.

Services provided for the North Cyprus tourist:
1. Package holidays
2. Individual tourism
3. Special interest tourism (golf tourism, diving tourism, eco-tourism, educational tourism)
4. VIP tourism
5. Corporate services (assistance in organizing the wedding, conference, business meetings, Congress)
6. Hotels reservation
7. Transfers services
8. Sightseeing guided tours (discovering the historical sites in North Cyprus)
9. Special interest tours (paragliding, boat tours, walking tours, bird watching tours, jeep safari, participation of traditional festivals)
10. Providing the extra services (rent a car, individual guiding tours, restaurant reservation, other special request)

Unique Cyprus Travel Ltd.

Kyrenia/Girne, Norht Cyprus
tel. +90(392)815-00-94 (engl, tr)
tel. +90(392)815-00-93 (engl, tr)
fax: +90(392)815-57-44
Office: Monday - Friday from 08:30 till 17:00
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Unique Cyprus Travel (eng)
Unique Cyprus Travel (tr)

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