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North Cyprus is a perfect place for holiday , why North Cyprus, North cyprus holiday, reason to come to North Cyprus

North Cyprus is a perfect place for holiday

North Cyprus it is not only the best place for enjoyable rest and holiday, but it is also the best place for you to explore!

Cyprus is located in south-eastern Mediterranean Sea, 70 km from the coast of Turkey, 95 km from the coast of Syria and 380 km from the coast of Egypt. Cyprus it is the third largest island in the Mediterran ...

General information about North Cyprus , turkish republic of north cyprus, north cyprus general information, north cyprus population

General information about North Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after the islands of Sicilia and Sardinia. The North of the island belongs to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and has a territory of 3355 sq. km.

The physical setting for life on the island is dominated by the mountain masses and golden coast lines, making the ...

Way to come and entrance rules , airoport of North Cyprus, north cyprus flights

Way to come and entrance rules

The simplest way to come is of course by air. Another way is by sea on the regular ship which comes from Turkey every day.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines and Turkish Airlines today provide an important network to the international airport Ercan. Also to reach North Cyprus it is possible with airlines such as Pegasus and Atlasjet.

Turkish Airlines today regularly have many fl ...

Climate in North Cyprus , wearther cyprus, climate cyprus, summer in cyprus, seasons of North Cyprus

Climate in North Cyprus

Cyprus is located on the latitude of 35 degrees, which has the same location with the southern coast of Crete Island. From the northern coast of island Cyprus to Turkey is just 65 kilometers and from the south coast of Cyprus is only 380 kilometers to Egypt.

The climate in Cyprus is Mediterranean and the main characteristics of the weather in North Cyprus can be described as long dr ...

Flora and founa in North Cyprus , Cyprus flora and founa, tree, flowers, birds in Cyprus

Flora and founa in North Cyprus

The landscape of North Cyprus is very extraordinary. Here you can find not only plains and beautiful sandy sea coast , but also a long range of high mountains . Along the northern coast of the Island is located 150 kilometers range of Kyrenia Mountain. The highest North Cyprus mountain is Beşparmak (in Englis ...

Marine life of the northern coast of Cyprus , marine life, cyprus underwater, sea life of Mediterranean

Marine life of the northern coast of Cyprus

The sandy beaches of North Cyprus are very famous places for two species of rare sea turtles which is listed also in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (also known as the IUCN Red List or Red Data List). In the summer season from June to August it is a period of nesting time for the big Green sea turtles. In June the huge (around 1 meter) sea turtles come to the coast of the Island to lay d ...

Public transport and driving in North Cyprus , roads in northern Cyprus, driving in North Cyprus, traffic rules, Public transport in North Cyprus

Public transport and driving in North Cyprus

In Cyprus the driving is on the left.

The roads signs and rules are international in North Cyprus as everywhere all around the World. If you follow all the rules on the road and give way to everyone who comes from the right side you will adapt to the driving on the left in a short period of time. For example, the differences on driving on the left from the driving on right side occu ...

Traditional Cyprus-Turkish Cuisine ,

Traditional Cyprus-Turkish Cuisine

The present North Cyprus Cuisine is an impressive and attractive culture of culinary arts for all people, because it is a mixture of several styles and eras. First of all, it is the Turkish Cuisine with traditional eastern methods of preparation with different types of meat, special pastry products, food made from rice and a variety of traditional desert. Turkish-Cypriot Cuisine has a unique shape ...

What to drink? ,

What to drink?

According to the Cyprus hospitality anywhere you go to visit, you will be offered a cup of Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is served in three ways - without sugar (sade), a medium sweet (orta) and sweet (sekerli). Near the cup is always served a glass of cold water. The contrast of hot coffee and cold water creates an extraordinary sensation of taste.

Nescafe in North Cyprus is an inst ...

Where to eat? ,

Where to eat?

Restaurants of North Cyprus offer their guests all kind of different Cuisines such as traditional Turkish and Turkish Cypriot, and also the menu of European and Mediterranean Cuisine. Everyone has a choice of the restaurant to their taste and preferences. Restaurants opening hours are very flexible and there is not a problem to eat lunch at 16.00 or at 20.00, the time for visit restaurants can be ...

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