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One day in Nitovikla

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Eco-hotel Nitovikla acquaints everyone with the culture and traditions of the traditional Turkish Cypriots life. You can participate in the picking up the harvest, prepare the home-made dishes and to bake the home-made bread, and cook real Turkish coffee right on the sand.

You will never forget the dinner in a restaurant which is located in a natural cave of 10 meters deep. Taste the food prepared from the ecological products and according to the old Turkish-Cypriot recipes.

While the visiting the Wine House enjoy the wine taste made from grapes collected in an ecologically-clean areas of Northern Cyprus. The procedure of wine production is the same as many years ago. Make distinctions between the tastes of different Cypriot wines.  Also try the strongest traditional Cyprus drink Zivaniya.

During the tour to the Kumyali village you will visit the most interesting local churches and monasteries. On the area of the village located 14 churches. The most interesting is St. Solomon Church with its strange wall frescos and images. The church was built in 15th century. It is assumed that under the church is a tomb of the saints. (depend on weather conditions)

At the end of our tour you will have the opportunity to relax on the wild Golden Sandy Beach, which is located 10 minute drive from the village Kumyali. Enjoy the beauty of wildlife and swim in a crystal-clean Mediterranean Sea.(depend on season)

Tour Program
08.00 Meeting in Girne
10.00 Visiting the old Olive Mill and Flour Mill. Tasting the olive oil and pekmes, drinking tea.
10.45Visiting the traditional North Cyprus handicraft shop.

The agricultural activities in Nitovikla Garden
11.30 Preparation of kleftiko. Preparation of homemade bread and baking the bread in traditional Cyprus stone oven. Preparation of hellim pies and a special Cyprus pide called Dribidese. Crunching the wheat on the traditional old Cyprus hand mill. Coking the traditional Turkish-coffee on the sand.Feeding chickens and quail, finding and picking up the eggs. Local Cyprus wines tasting
14.00 Lunch in Gicha Restaurant, which is located in the natural cave depth 10 meter.
Menu: Traditional Cyprus Soup, Parmak Borek with yogurt from Auntie Latife, Green salad, black and green olives
Cold Meze: Sesame peksemet, boiled Lapsan, guvec from chicken liver, dolma, potato salad with mint, marinated vegetables
Hot Meze: Pies with hellim, grilled olives and hellim
Main dish:  Kleftiko and bulgur pilav or the baked chicken in tomato souse with potato
At the end of the meal: Fined the coin inside bread – get the prize!
15.30 Walking tour in eco-village
18.00 Arrival to Girne

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