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Marine life of the northern coast of Cyprus

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The sandy beaches of North Cyprus are very famous places for two species of rare sea turtles which is listed also in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (also known as the IUCN Red List or Red Data List). In the summer season from June to August – it is a period of nesting time for the big Green sea turtles. In June the huge (around 1 meter) sea turtles come to the coast of the Island to lay down their eggs in the golden clean sea sand.

The Department of Environmental Protection in North Cyprus between May to October are protecting the growth of the turtle eggs in their nesting places. The rules for the turtle beaches in that time are: it is forbidden to access to the beach between 10pm and 8am; it is forbidden to make fires or lights on the beach; it is forbidden to use a speedboat within one mile of the shoreline of the sea coast where turtles nests is located. The protection program also include do not throw plastic bags into the sea, because turtles by mistake can eat them as a jellyfish and later they will die from it. Moreover the turtle’s eggs during all period of their growing time are protected from the danger to be eaten by the numerous inhabitants of the island such as foxes and sea gulls who love to eat those delicacies.

Local fishermen provide varied type of the fresh fish to the local restaurants. The most frequent trophy of local fishermen is large sea fish named Dorado (the Turkish name of this fish is "Karagöz") and Gray mullet, which is the best prize for all local fishermen. Along the North Cyprus sea coast also inhabit mackerel, sea bass (groupers), big fish - type of halibut (fangri), more rarely in the Mediterranean Sea can be found swordfish and sharks. Sometimes when sharks rise from the depths of the sea fishermen can catch them.

Along the northern coast of Cyprus island the underwater terrain of the Mediterranean Sea is an ideal place for king prawns, small shrimps, pink octopus, squid and clams, sea urchins, grouper, cuckoo, wrasse and moray eel. One of the best prizes of fish-hunters divers in the Crystal clear depth of the sea is groupers; some of them are very big in size. In Cyprus scuba-diving is very popular and the diving season is the longest in the Mediterranean. Moreover, the water is still unpolluted and the marine life is still undisturbed. The visibility is more than 30 meters.

The fascinating and unique underwater world of the Mediterranean sea along the northern coast of Cyprus is very rich and provides an unique opportunity to study sea depths not only by swimming with a mask, but also by diving into the water with an aqualung.

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