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North Cyprus Holiday

North Cyprus it is not only the best place for enjoyable rest and holiday, but it is also the best place for you to explore!

Cyprus is located in south-eastern Mediterranean Sea, 70 km from the coast of Turkey, 95 km from the coast of Syria and 380 km from the coast of Egypt. Cyprus it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus has more than 300 sunshine days in year, the Turkish Cypriot has never-ending hospitality for everyone who visit them, excellent traditional Cyprus cuisine and the most favourable climate for one’s health.

North Cyprus is beautiful in all seasons. From the ancient civilization Cyprus was as a bridge between East and West. The first people started to live in Cyprus more than 2000 years ago, and everywhere in Cyprus, you can see the traces of history of different civilisation and cultures. North Cyprus has a big number of monuments of ancient architecture. Cyprus is part of our big planet which really can be named as a Parad ...

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