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Way to come and entrance rules

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The simplest way to come is of course by air. Another way is by sea on the regular ship which comes from Turkey every day.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines and Turkish Airlines today provide an important network to the international airport Ercan. Also to reach North Cyprus it is possible with airlines such as Pegasus and Atlasjet.

Turkish Airlines today regularly have many flights from most of the countries all over the world to North Cyprus, but all of them have to be done with a short stop in Turkey (in airports of Antalya, Bodrum or Istanbul). And then from Turkey take a flight to Ercan airport of North Cyprus.

The duration of the flight from the Istanbul airport is approximately 1,5 hours. The duration of the flight from Antalya airport is approximately 30 minutes. ER?AN is the airport of Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and it is 30 minutes by car from the capital city Lefcoşa (Nicosia) and 40 minutes from the two main touristic cities - Gazi Mağusa (Famagusta) and Kyrenia (Girne).

The regular ferry-boat operates between seaports Mersin (Turkey) and Famagusta (Northern Cyprus), which services are organised three times a week. On that sea-ferry it is possible to take your own car for those who prefer to travel by their own.

From the seaports of Turkey (which is in the cities named Antalya, Alanya and Anamur) in the summer period services are organised to the seaport in Girne by the high-speed sea-crafts (duration of this way is approximately 2,5 hours). To go to North Cyprus by the daily sea-bus and ferry services from Tasucu (Turkey) to Girne (North Cyprus) (duration of this way is approximately 4 hours).

Visa for the entrance to North Cyprus is free of charge and on your request a visa-stamp can be put on the separate paper sheet which you have to fill before going to the passport control.

The other way to come to North Cyprus is the Larnaka airport in South Cyprus - the Greek part of the island. Entrance to Cyprus is based on the Cyprus Visa for the people from some countries, and then without any problem they can come to North Cyprus.

For the countries who are the members of the European Union it is not a problem to come to Cyprus and then to cross the border which is in Nicosia and come to North Cyprus.

From the country of Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is strongly forbidden to export archaeological goods. It is the rule not only for the whole goods, but also for the wreckages which can be found on ruins of antique cities such as for example in Salamis or in the Karpaz area.

You can bring your home animals with you, but by the rules of the island they must pass six-month quarantine in the special vet hospital in order to avoid the new illnesses to come to the Island. Because of this it is better to leave your home animals in your home country when you are travelling to North Cyprus.

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