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Kyrenia (Girne)- tha tourism capital city of North Cyprus , Guidet tour to Kyrenia, north cyprus guided tours

Kyrenia (Girne)- tha tourism capital city of North Cyprus

• Kyrenia (Girne), one of the most popular North Cyprus touristic cities.

• Kyrenia castle is a most unique building which is preserved until our days in the same as it was many years ago. Shipwreck museum has the oldest antique boat which was raised from the sea. The ship’s age is more than 2300 years!

• Kyrenia is a symbiosis of different religions - Islam and Christianity ...

Nicosia (Lefkoşa) – the city of poplar , Lefkoşa town of North Cyprus, divided city Nicosia, Cyprus guided tours

Nicosia (Lefkoşa) – the city of poplar

• Nicosia (Lefkoşa), the world's last divided capital.

• Nicosia, translated from the Greek «city poplars». Nicosia is a wonderful place with a culture of mixed epochs and civilizations. On the narrow streets of the old city Nicosia stand side by side the luxuries of Byzantine Empire, refinements of France and the simplicities of Ottoman Empire.

• Nicosia (in Turkish - ...

St. Hilarion Castle and Bellapais Abbey , St. Hilarion Castle, Bellapais Abbey, guided tour around North Cyprus

St. Hilarion Castle and Bellapais Abbey

• the silhouette of the St. Hilarion Castle was used in the famous Walt Disney's animated cartoon named "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

• the French called the Bellapais Abbey by name Diodeamur, which means Cupid’s Castle, because of the with the famous love story between Giyom de Lusignan and the daughter of Isaac Dukas Komnenus.

• Bellapais also means the Peace Abbey, wh ...

Famagusta - the town build on the sand , famagusta north cyprus, old city Famagusta, Varosa the phantom city

Famagusta - the town build on the sand

• One of the ancient names of Famagusta - Ammohosta, which means the city on the sand.

• The story which happened with Othello had a place in Famagusta. The Tower of Othello is the witness of the story described by Shakespeare in his tragedy book named “To be or not to be”.

• Varosa - is a dead-city or city-phantom. 35 years of full silence is surrounding the best five-star ...

Ancient city of North Cyprus , Encomy Ruins, Alasia, North Cyprus ancient cities, Barnabas, Salamis, guided tour in north cyprus

Ancient city of North Cyprus

• Alasia (Encomy), one of the oldest centres of civilization in Cyprus. The Antique city of Ethno-Cypriots is the beginning of creating the modern city of Cyprus which today known as Famagusta.

• Salamis is the best-preserved Ancient City in Cyprus, and moreover it played a significant role in the history of whole Cyprus Island.

• St. Barnabas is the first Christian in Cyprus an ...

Guzelyurt and Monastery St. Mamas , Guzelyurt, Monastery St.Mamas, mavi kosk, vouni palace, soli ruins

Guzelyurt and Monastery St. Mamas

• Home-museum - Mavi Kosk - one of the most interesting places from the history of modern Cyprus. Mavi Kosk in English means - Blue House. This is the house of Paulo Paolodis, who was not only the personal lower of the last President of whole Cyprus, but also he was in a close contact with mafia.

• The healing power of myrrh from the St. Mamas Monastery. According to legend this oil whic ...

Eco-tur and Kantara Castle , eco-tourism in NorthCyprus, eco-tour Buyukkonuk, tour to eco-village

Eco-tur and Kantara Castle

• Kantara Castle is one of the three castles in North Cyprus which is located on the mountains and was used as an outlook station for the solders.
• Eco-Village Büyükkonuk is a place where people are still living according to the traditions of Turkish Cypriots. You have a unique opportunity to join into the old traditional lifestyle of real Cypriots. You can prepare olive and cheese ...

Tour to Karpas and Monastery Apostol Andrewus , Karpas tour, North Cyprus Karpas Apostolos Andreus, Monastery Apostolos Andreus

Tour to Karpas and Monastery Apostol Andrewus

• The Monastery of St. Apostle Andrew, the holy water which helps from eye diseases. Light a candle and your wish will become true.
• Golden beaches in the Karpas Peninsula. In August, you have a unique opportunity to see how the little turtles hatch from the eggs and go to the sea. They swim away from the coast of Cyprus and come back here when they grow up to lay their eggs too.


Tour to eco-village Büyükkonuk in North Cyprus , eco-village Buyukkonuk, turkish-cypriot traditional village, eco-tourism in North Cyprus

Tour to eco-village Büyükkonuk in North Cyprus

• Eco-village Büyükkonuk is a Traditional Cypriot village which is still living in the same standard as many years ago.
• The food made in eco-village from environmental friendly products will help you feel all the charm of village life which is away from noise and rush. Appeasement and tranquillity will help you to relieve from everyday life stress.

The village B ...

Yaght Tour ,

Yaght Tour

Yaght Tour.......... ...

Jeep safary ,

Jeep safary

Jeep safary.................... ...

Horse Riding ,

Horse Riding

Horse Riding................ ...

Cyprus Night in Bellapaise ,

Cyprus Night in Bellapaise

Cyprus Night in Bellapaise ...

Paragliding ,


Paragliding........................ ...

Festivals in North Cyprus ,

Festivals in North Cyprus

Festivals in North Cyprus.......... ...

Diving ,


Diving............ ...

One day in Nitovikla , eco-tour in North Cyprus, eco-tourism in North Cyprus, tour to Nitovikla

One day in Nitovikla

Eco-hotel Nitovikla acquaints everyone with the culture and traditions of the traditional Turkish Cypriots life. You can participate in the picking up the harvest, prepare the home-made dishes and to bake the home-made bread, and cook real Turkish coffee right on the sand.

You will never forget the dinner in a restaurant which is located in a natural cave of 10 meters deep. Taste ...

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